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Who we are

Give your taste buds a treat at German Bakery Pausenbrot! Since 2015, we’ve been traveling around India together, staying at different places in the country. Everywhere food is amazing and different. Habits change after every 100 kilometers. But what made us always return back home was a home-baked loaf of bread. Andrea started baking and experimenting with different doughs, ingredients, and baking styles and Aditya used to eat everything she served him, even if it was burnt, hard like stone, or still sticky inside. Over the years the loaves grew to perfection and as in many places yeast was not available, Andrea worked with sourdough. As we also love good strong coffee, the idea was for long in our heads to start our own small business.

But nothing would be as it is today without the support of 2 important personalities that are working behind the scenes for Bakery Pausenbrot back in Germany. Korbi is a skilled and enthusiastic baker with his own bakery "Urkorn" in the south of Germany and Lisa is a passionate baker and friend from Andrea's hometown Schwabach. Both contributed and still do a lot of knowledge to make especially our sourdough breads a success.

In Germany baking is an old and traditional craft and there are 3000 recognized kinds of bread - what an inspiration for us. Thanks to both our gems for holding hands and making this venture a success. 

And here we are!

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